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Monday, May 23, 2011

Walking Man Walks

Although I've been absent from the blog, I've been fully alive in Thailand. I've adopted the habit of walking EVERYWHERE. Whether it's a destination two blocks away or six miles away, I walk. It's been great. Not only am I completely exhausted at every day's end, I come across some very cool "hidden" gems that aren't necessarily in the Lonely Planet or any other guidebook/internet source. I'll elaborate on a few examples.

Today I needed to straighten out passport/visa stuff, so I walked from my guest house all the way to the embassy. It is a solid five mile walk and completely out of any touristy areas. On the way, I stumbled upon a very cool park! Lumphini Park was exclusively filled with Thais and I didnt see a white person the whole time I was there. Great opportunity for curious Thai people to practice their engrish on me ;) then on my way back from the embassy I stumbled upon som Thai street ballers....not the ballers we see in America, but ballers nonetheless. They were playing this 2 v. 2 game using a miniature soccer ball on a badminton court...very intriguing indeed. The ball couldn't hit the ground and each team had three hits (no hands!) to return the ball to the other side of the net. I wish I could play, but I'm nursing a foot owie. Maybe I'll return in a few days to show em what I got. Then, to top off the long walk, I randomly stumbled upon friendly china town...great food, great people.

Walking is giving me life.

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