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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Coffee is the answer...elaboration

Before leaving Seattle in July 2010, I would've said coffee was AN answer. Just another answer. An answer to questions like, "whats the first thing you do in the morning?", "whats your favorite liquid, besides mercury?", "what makes you happy in February?", etc. Coffee was just coffee. And it was good.

But NOW....oh now. Things are different.

Coffee is THE answer. Not just an answer, the answer.

Coffee has become a multilayered, multidimensional part of my inner being and daily life. Coffee isn't just a's consistency in a world of unncertainty, it's cultural connection amidst cultural barriers, it's quiet time every morning, it's quiet time every mid morning, it's quiet time every noon, it's quiet time every afteroon, it's quiet time on an occasional evening, it's Seattle, it's passion, it's yummy, it's home.

Coffee connects me with people EVERYWHERE. It brings my home into their home. My love to theirs. Our passions collide. Because when you LOVE coffee, you really love coffee. And people all over the world love coffee.

So, as you can see, coffee isn't just coffee anymore. ]

I can't put it into proper words...hopefully you understand a small glimpse of the faint shadow i'm trying to illustrate.

Bottom line...i love it and it loves me


bmag10 said...

We're kindred spirits you and I :) Coffee... <3

Erika said...

crazy mannn