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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lame blogger...

Sawwwweeee...that's my lame way of saying "sorry" for being a bad blogger, mom and dad. Not sure who else deserves an apology (specifically for my lack of blogging...I owe pretty much everybody an apology :)...but for reasons other than being a bad blogger), however I DO know mom and dad deserve an apology!

I arrived in Chiang Mai yesterday after a 15 hour overnight train that left at 10 pm and arrived at 1 pm. I checked into an awesome place called Awana House (, was able to scope out the new city during the afternoon (good food, motorcycle rental, coffee, etc.) and enjoy the Sunday walking market in the evening. At the Sunday market I followed my nose straight to the food area and gorged on $0.30 pad Thai, $0.20 sushi, great fruit and a big bottle of fresh squeezed OJ...I never pass up on fresh squeezed orange juice :)

Today I slept in very late, got my coffee from black canyon (I'm trying new places left and right) and casually went down to Tony's to see about renting a motor bike. The 250 cc Honda Phantom was my answer...very fun :) i immediately took it out into the "mountains" and, despite the rain, had a beautiful 70 mile ride. Along the way I stopped for some Wawee Coffee (impressive) and pet some massive tigers.

Next: going for lunch/dinner at Libernard Cafe once the rain stops..I'll let you know how the coffee compares

The Phantom

J Lo and me

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