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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Orfanato, Nampula

After living in a Mozambican orphanage for a week and hanging out with 50 portugese speaking kids every day, I've discovered that they're almost exactly same as American kids (with the exception that almost every American child owns an XBox and plays "Call of Duty" without rest, while Mozambican children are lucky to own a deck of cards).

My discovery surfaced on Day 2....Kids LOVE new games!! I was hanging out with Carneto (sp?)and got the bright idea to teach him how to thumb wrestle: "One, two, three, four, let's have a thumb war, five, six, seven, eight, try to keep your thumb straight..." It caught on like wild fire! Now, approximately 20 times per day, a kid offers me a "high five" and it immediately progresses into a short thumb war battle. Naturally, the combination of my competitiveness, "thumb war" expertise and old-man strength means that my W-L record is an impressive 97-5. I keep beating them and they keep asking for more :)

I've made it my goal to teach the kids atleast 1 new "American" game every 3, they wanted to arm wrestle (my W-L: 33-0) 4, i taught a competitive variation of "patty-cake" (24-5) 5, two games: "finger sword fighting" (16-0) and "2-person keep your balance high-five battle" (25-3) 6, "Big cirlce Ninja elimination game" (0-1, i'll come back), it's day 7 and I think i'll teach them "duck, duck, goose" and show them who's boss

Winning feels good...even if its against children 1/2 or 1/4 my size

I'm running out of ideas, so if you know anymore sweet games, share them in a comment!!!

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abigailcramer said...

hey brotha. i got a melody/beat game for you.

everyone's in a circle. one person leaves the circle and goes into another room. the group picks on person to be in charge of leading "the beat." the person that left the room comes back in and tries to figure out which person is leading the group in the beat. the person that is leading is trying to change the beat without the guesser figuring out it's them. :) love you.